Thursday, February 24

What in the whirl.....

Good grief what a whirlwind the past two days have been, well OK Monday was my nightmare but man these last two days have my head spinning. It goes a little somethin' like this (freshbeats).....

Wednesday I spent most of the day at Cameron and Riley's school setting up for their big science night.  This was actually fun! I LOVE all the mom's so much and we had a great time laughing and chatting and of course getting the event prepared. I was glad I could be there since I wasn't able to help them plan during the year.

When I got home at 3 the garage wouldn't open so I just thought something was wrong with it AGAIN, so I took the kids through the front door, laid a sleeping B down and proceeded to the bathroom (TMI) it was there that I realized the electricity was off. Ummm OK nbd I went outside and asked a few neighbors if their lights were off and nope they all had power....hmmmmm this can't be good. It turns out that when Ryan switched our auto bill pay he messed up something with the electric bill and so we were delinquent in payment and they shut it off WITH OUT WARNING (I am pretty sure that's illeagal)!!! I was furious at the situation and to calm me down Ryan arranged for us to stay in a local hotel so we all packed up and went.  FUN. Well it wasn't too bad actually, at bedtime Bradford had us hysterically laughing because he kept poking me from his pack and play we were silently giggling like little kids trying to pretend we were asleep.  Thursday we woke up, had an amazing breakfast and I took the kiddos to school.  I checked the house again, still no power so off I went to pick up the big kids from school.  We went to lunch, then toured Holy Trinity, which was AMAZING. I can't say enough great things about it.  After that we headed to the ENT for Bradford where we got the news that on a 0-4 scale in size B's tonsils are a plus four this could be the cause for him not talking and this incident Monday night!! We are having them removed on March 7th. OK so after that fun stuff we headed back home to find the electricity had been turned back on.  We grabbed Cameron's baseball gear and headed to practice.  After practice we grabbed a very quick bite to eat and headed over to the kids school for science night. night was great and now we are home and the kids are OUT. My head is still spinning from all the events this week.  I can't believe how blessed we are that our little guy is fine after his incident and we have so much going for us right now.  Even with the craziness that was, it is our life and I wouldn't trade it for any thing. Thank you God for showing us that even in time's of darkness (literally) we have so much to be thankful for.

Here is the video I put together of the night, it's kinda funny as far as how funny I am ;) I am sorry it's super gigantic

Awesome ladies

My three loves

Bradford and Grandma loved the binocular's 

Gotta LOVE that dimple

Hey Mommy I'm a rock star

Oh get OUT!


  1. I hate having the power shut off- it happened to us one time (no good excuses- we just didn't pay it) and it took 3 days for them to turn it back on. That taught us a lesson, for sure! It was years ago, and they are still the first bill that gets paid every month ; )
    So glad your baby is fine, tho! Super scary!

  2. Yes, it is scary coming home to no power and seeing that all your other neighbors have power. Glad everything got worked out though. Feel free to stop by and link up your blog in my new blog hop.

  3. I know that's illegal! At least here in WV anyways!