Monday, February 21

How quickly a day can turn into a nightmare

Well we sure did enjoy a beautiful day.  I don't have my iphone anymore so I really need to start bringing my camera, the problem with that is it is a professional style 40D so it's kinda big and taking it to lunch seems overkill.  Anyhow back to the day, it started with me looking at this horrible pile of laundry that I just couldn't find the time for over the weekend. You know the pile, it's the kind that makes you want to find something else to do even if that something else involves a root canal.

Yup that made me want to RUN

So the kids and I left Moth to a conference call and went and met my dear friend Trish for lunch at a "sit down" restaurant. Granted it was IHOP, but my kid (Cameron) loves his pancakes so we (6 kids under 6) had a great lunch.  After that we headed home, grabbed Moth and went to the museum. I love going to the museum with the whole family. We ended our perfect day by picking up Panda Express and headed home to enjoy our meal.  Here's where day turned horrifying.......
As best as I can remember, Ryan had just got the kids their milk and Bradford had his back him at the dinner table, I was facing B and saw him starting to choke.  I said to Ryan grab him he is choking and I jumped up to grab my phone.  Ryan grabbed B and started the Heimlich and it wasn't working so he was pushing him onto the back of the chair....nothing worked.  I had my hand on the phone ready to call 911 and Ryan said it's OK I am going to get this, but nothing was working, he was beating B on his back and still NOTHING.  So at the plea of Cameron, (yes my five year old kept saying CALL 911) I called 911 and they said they were sending someone right away.  30 seconds later Ryan was able to get the chicken out and 30 seconds after that the paramedic's and fire department were there running in to make sure everything was OK. 

Two things :
 1. I have NEVER been so scared in my life. I have been in that situation before with Bradford and I was the one trying to get the food out and I still was not as scared as tonight, this went on for a long time and I wasn't the one in the moment trying to save him I could only watch and I wasn't the best "by standard."

2. I always hear people say that it, "it took the paramedics forever to get there"  Not in our case. It was so quick.  I felt like as soon as I got off the phone with the dispatch I could hear the siren's. In a minute or two we had two paramedic's and three firemen there. Thank you.

Bradford seems fine, he does have a funny cough so I will call the pediatrician to see if he wants to check him out. B is fine, we are still shaky.

Our boys.....the do have separate beds, however this is their preference


  1. I am so, so, so, so glad that everything turned out okay! Your children are so precious! What a blessing!

  2. scary! glad all is ok. good job mom and dad and big brother. poor b.