Monday, February 21

Just another Sunday.....

We were so lucky to spend the day with my good friend Lisa and her daughter, our men were on their CHRP retreat together and we were waiting around wondering what to do so we went to lunch! We went to a place called Snuffers and I had never tried it before but it was wonderful.  We had great weather so of course we sat on the patio and Cameron did his best to charm the passer by's of course.  The highlight of the lunch however was when we Lisa got my kids to try fried mushroom's! Cameron is THE PICKIEST EATER and I have such a hard time getting him to try part is we have video to prove it!

I love Cameron's face in the beginning I was ready with the napkin because I just knew he would spit it out! Here is his face when he found out he wouldn't get two dollars every time he ate one!

(I think that deserves two clicks!)

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  1. I didn't realize HOW close you live to me! We live literally 1 block from you. I saw you getting in the car last night on our way to church. :)