Saturday, February 19

Giving up a dream....for another

Well for now we have given up the idea of our "dream home." We were really trying to move back to our home town because of the schools and it really is a beautiful town with some lovely people. Our church is there, our life is there. It is only fifteen minutes away from where we currently live, fifteen minutes can mean best schools or worst in the district (where we are).  This was our "dream home" not really dreamy when you consider all the million dollar homes in Colleyville but it was our foot in the door and a minute drive from church.

We also were toying with this "dream" in Keller    5 bedroom 3 bathroom, beautiful brand new home and it happens to be the model in the neighborhood.  Good schools and nice area but a little further from our current church.

For now we decided that the best move for us is not to.

We want Cameron to have the best opportunity as far as his education. We want him to focus on his strengths and not be labeled by his weaknesses.  Our best shot for him and ALL our children is sending them to Catholic school. For us, the school we choose is far, expensive and isn't ideal for us logistically considering there is a Catholic school across the street, but it's not about us.  It's about sacrificing everything we have and could potentially have to send our kids to a place where GOD comes first and learning is a close second. We are refinancing and sticking around in our crowded old home that we have grown to love for what we have made it. So long dream home, dream location for now anyways, our kids need the best.

Thanks for the votes too!


  1. Holy Trinity? Much better than SEAS!

  2. yup HTCS, I just don't want to switch parishes and I already know so many Holy Trinity families. I am not thrilled about the drive but it will work out.