Tuesday, February 22

30 Things

I have seen around the blog world a post called 30 things.  It's basically a list of 30 random facts that people might not know about me.  I have serious doubts if I can come up with thirty but I am just going to wing it and see where I get.

1. A year ago I gave up secular music and only listen to christian music. When my kid knew most of the lyrics to flo-rida Low, I thought it was time for change

2. I have an "obese toe" Ryan laughs at it, I think its odd but whatev

3. I learned to drive a stick on HWY 360 in Arlington two days before I left for college, it was my new car and I had to learn QUICK.

4. I HATE flying, so in order to fly I make conversations with strangers and make it a goal for them to like me when the flight is over, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't

5. As much as I HATE flying, in college I flew to Jacksonville every other weekend to visit Ryan while he was interning for the Jags.......my mom worked for southwest and most of the time it took 3 flights to get there.  THAT is LOVE!

6. I hated college but would give anything to go back now.

7. I was a waitress and I LOVED it......I miss it.

8. I used to have my tongue pierced.

9. My first concert, like most of my peers was New Kids on the Block.

10. I will never jump out of a plane, unless its crashing and it's the only way to survive.

11. Being 30 scares me.....I still have 14 months till then.

12. I am SUPER pidgeon toed, if you have ever met me you know that.  I used to get made fun of for it but I never tried to walk straight so it never really bothered me.

13. This is really hard......I need a break.....

14. I love my church, I think we would have to move out of the state for me to switch parishes.

15.  I LOVE doing the kids laundry so much that I make myself do our laundry first so I "get" to do the kids.

16. We aren't pregnant....stop asking please ;)

17. This summer I am driving to Atlanta with the kids by myself, if you know me you don't think I am crazy because you know I can do it.....if you don't, I am crazy!

18. I dance with the kids in the living room ALL the time, I think I am pretty good....and so do they.

19. Sometimes I think my 5 year old is already smarter than me, I know his IQ is higher.

20. I HATE twitter

21. I AM a P1 and can talk sports to anyone and impress them with my knowledge ;)

22. At 17 my mom took me to get my belly button pierced, now that is normal 11 years ago it was COOL.

23. When my brother was born we got a kitten, she died three years ago and I still miss her all the time.

24. I still have a mountain of laundry and I am sitting here instead.

25. Sometimes I go too long without a shower.....yes thats gross but hey I am a mom. Yesterday I told Ryan I NEED to wash my hair I feel so gross, he said, "this is why we need a pool" ok I am not that gross!

26. I have more friends now than I have ever had in my life, I am so lucky!

27. We don't have a will and that is terrifying....but still we don't have a will.

28. I am trying to think of three more things but can only think about that laundry.

29. I am Pro-life and I pray everyday for the conversion of any one contemplating abortion.

30. In college I loved going to concerts and I still listen to Dashboard Confessional in the car alone.


  1. Number one made me laugh out loud, about the kids knowing the lyrics. I am the same way though. When Tristan is in the car no secular music.

  2. The pool comment was tongue in cheek. I feel its important everyone knows this.