Wednesday, March 16

Absent ....sorry

Wow has it really been three weeks? I guess so, I am not sure how that happened but we have been dealing with some crazy stuff with Bradford and his tonsilectomey and adenoidectomey (T&A). Basically he got some sort of infection and was really sick last week and it all culminated with a hospital trip where they thought he had a blood infection and would require a PIC line and another surgery.  All is well though and NONE of that has to happen THANKS and PRAISE TO GOD!  I am currently sitting here with a healthy Bradford in my lap and I could not be more thankful.

Lent season has begun and I have been focusing more on my faith now than ever.  I have been focusing on staying OFF the computer while my kids are awake so that has limited my blog time. I love blogging so I need to find the healthy balance. When I do I will get better at this. For now I just had to post that I am still here and reading about all of you. I will get back to writing soon I promise!!

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