Tuesday, February 8

Inspiration Funk

Top Two Tuesday was "things you have learned about blogging"  I cant think of anything that would be helpful PLUS......

I am officially in a BLOG Funk. Maybe it was the weather we had last week and the threat of more this week.  I just feel uninspired to write.  Not that anything I ever write is inspirational, but at least I have something to say most of the time. So the best way I know to get out of it is to write anyway.....

Bradford turned two Saturday, neither Ryan or I were there so we didn't mention it to the kids or celebrate it. Sounds bad?? Well yeah, but his party is Friday and as long as the weather is good we are expecting 50 people so we didn't tell the big kids about his actual birthday for fear they would wonder and question why we weren't there.  Ryan was still out of town and I was volunteering at our confirmation retreat at church.  What an amazing experience, indescribable. So moving on....

Last week, like most of the DFW metroplex I was stuck indoors. We had a sheet of ice covering all the roads and it wouldn't go away. Yes insert witty jokes about Texans and winter here, but this was pretty bad.  Mostly because we aren't equipped for this kind of weather whatsoever.  For me it was EXTRA intense because Moth was out of town. And if you read my post a couple of weeks ago you will remember that I had so much going on that last week, every thing was cancelled, except for the retreat which was a blessing.  By Friday I had not seen a person over the age of 5 since Monday so the kids and I were ready for a break.  We did manage to get out an enjoy the weather so here are some pics of that

This kid LOVED the snow 

MUCH better than last year

Bradford liked it until

Cameron accidentally threw snow in his mouth


Cameron loves everything!

Hopefully I just wrote myself out of a funk!

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