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   The final installment of Birth/Name story week concludes with:

Bradford Joel Maxwell
February 5th 2009
8lbs 3oz

The birth story with Bradford was quite the same as Riley. I was scheduled to have him Feb 9th but this time I went to my doctor crying and saying I was DONE on the fifth.  This third pregnancy was very rough on me.  I spent a few nights in the hospital because I was throwing up so much. Given my lower back history my doctor did not want to see me over the weekend and sent me right next door.  This time I had my 19 month old much calmer child Riley with me.  We waddled next door and I got settled in and waited for Ryan to come.  He showed up at 11am and it wasn't until 6 or 7 that B was born. 

Bradford's birth story does not end there........this time it was me that got really sick and running fever.  When Bradford was one week I started to run a fever.  Like I mentioned before I tend to over react.  My first thought was,

"My doctor left something in me, my doctor left gauze in me. I am going to die or be on one of those wild TLC shows"

I went back to the hospital and I was admitted back to the mother/baby ward.  I was so happy that they put me back there because I had made good friends with a few of the nurses.  A little hint: be nice to your nurses, they are awesome and sweet people and will take really good care of you no matter what but it really helps to build relationships with them and let them know at that time that you are thankful. Oh also, giving birth in your hometown leaves you open to the possibility of knowing some of them.  True story: when I was on the table getting cut open delivering Riley a nurse says from behind the curtain, "Maxwell, are you married to Ryan?" Turns out we knew this chick and went to high school with her.  Talk about awkward! She was VERY nice and took really good care of us, but still it was kind of weird!  Back to me, so it turns out I just had some random infection probably not even due to surgery but it was still very scary! I was released on Valentines day which was Bradford's original due date.

 Bradford's Name Story

This one is a funny one but I said before our kids names had to have a story. When coming up with names for our third child we had a girl name picked out but couldn't settle on a boy name.  So of course we were having a boy right. Right. So we talked and talked over dinner, while watching TV, while reading the news, while driving, pretty much our entire day was spent trying to come up with the perfect name.  We always came back to Bradford or Preston. Preston, because we liked it. Bradford because we LOVE

Sam Bradford Heisman Trophy Winner
So, the deal was this, If Sam wins the Heisman Trophy and OU wins the national championship 08/09 season, we will name our son Bradford.  Sam won the Heisman but OU lost the game so we waited and thought and thought about it.  When we were sitting in the waiting room we had pretty much decided on Bradford but we wanted to wait until we saw him to make our final decision. When B was born he was over 8lbs and he looked strong so we thought he could carry the name well so we named him Bradford.  His middle name is after Ryan's father Joel. 

Two funny stories about naming B
1. One night at dinner while discussing names our then 3 year old Cameron said, " why don't we name him Tony Romo" Oh Cameron you are too funny.
2. Ryan found a website while we were waiting to deliver that had baby names and what they could be made fun of for.  Like things they rhyme with etc. The only thing that came up with Bradford was Bradfart! Of course little ears heard that and when we went to our first appointment with Bradford our pediatrician asked Cameron what he calls his baby brother, without missing a beat Cameron said, 


Let the record show we do NOT call our child that!
Here are some of B-man's first year picture's 
This kid DOUBLED his weight at TWO month's.

The only picture of him sad ;)

Look at those eyes! (he gets them from my mom)

Same hat in his birth pic

nine months
That was fun reminscing on our kids birth story's and now I have it for a record too!

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