Wednesday, February 9

I seriously feel like I was MADE to do reviews! This blog has opened so many opportunities to do many things and like I told Moth the other day, "see babe, one of my hobbies is finally paying off!" contacted me to review their products and I must say I have been looking to do a birthday banner for my kids birthdays and well I did just that.  Now I have a banner for each of my kids birthday and for years to come.  One of the first things I liked about the site was how incredibly easy it was to pick your design. Customizing is important and I was able to change none or all of each banner with ease.  R's banner had a tiny bird on it and I didn't think it fit right so poof it was gone!  I made my order on February 2nd and received my custom banners on the 9th!  I did a small handmade birthday banner for Bradford's party Friday because I never thought I would have this one in time, and it is not near as big and sturdy as the ones I got today.

Today I got the banners all wrapped up in a tube which I love because I can store them in there.  It is important  to be able to store them because they are HUGE,  and my house is not.

3X6 Bradford Birthday Banner

3x6 Cameron Birthday Banner

3X6 Riley Birthday Banner

They also provide lots of options for business, and fun.  I will defiantly be using this company for years to come!


  1. The kids look so little next to the giant banners! :)

  2. The banners came out really nice!! I'm you're newest follower btw. Hope you will check out my blog and link up your favorite charity for my March for Charity event: