Sunday, February 13

Leave it to my Cameron........

To give me something to write about today!  Cameron is very social. Not just to family and his friends but to strangers as well, which used to cause for very uncomfortable situations.  For example, he used to tell people all the time, "bye" dramatic pause and me praying he wouldn't say IT......."I love you" oh man that was so emberassing the first few times it happened, then someone pointed out to me that maybe that would be the only time that person heard those three precious words that day. Now both kiddos say it but I embrace it and smile.  My kids love, and are friendly.  How amazing is that!

latest picture of our little Cameron

On to the story. Cameron is in love. Seriously he thinks he is so he might as well be.  We will give this girl a generic name as to protect the innocent.  Jane. Cameron LOVES Jane, he talks about her and looks for things he can buy her.  At Christmas he hoped one of his gifts was a Jared's Box so he could give Jane a RING!  I mostly ignore his behavior and always tell him he is not allowed to get married until he is 28, to which he replies, "mommy you're 28 and you've been married forever!" We have had many talks with Cameron about what is appropriate behavior for a five year old and he is well aware that he is not to kiss anyone unless they are in his family. (I am sure you can guess where I am going with this)  Also....His love for Jane came after he professed his love for "Sue" and she said, "ummm I don't know" Both adorable girls I must say!

Last tuesday I got THE CALL! Cameron and Jane were caught in an "almost kiss" and Cameron's teacher called to let me know that it didn't happen but almost did so I might want to talk to Cameron.....again! She is wonderful and is very lighthearted about the situation and fortunately so is Jane's mommy.  My son is FIVE, and already chasing girls and is pretty much girl crazy.  He loves all his babysitters, random girls at church, my brother-in-law's girlfriend and well, pretty much every girl he meets. I am not really sure how to handle this besides continue to downplay it and just have conversations with him about his behavior and the opposite sex. I must say I thought I didn't have to worry about this for another 10 years, but on the other hand he is his father's son!

I swear I am going to end up on Teen Mom if I am not careful. 

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