Monday, February 14

Bradford had his second birthday party!

We celebrated Bradford's second birthday on Friday at a place by us called Paradise Pond. It is an indoor play place run by a church and they rent it out for parties and open it to play a couple of days a week. I can't say enough positive things about our party experience.  We had a private party with two party host that did all the set up and clean up.  These ladies were great, they made sure everything was perfect and I could enjoy the party. Having a private space was amazing! We had 38 kids and half a dozen infants and there was plenty of room for big and small kiddos.  The adults could stand around and chat while the kids play and I think we all had a great time!  BONUS I got to put up my own decorations so of course I threw a couple of things together.......

The banner I handmade before I was offered the following.....

Awesome banner that I will have forever ;)

Cute and Delicious, two must haves for a cake

Picture time, B and a few others were not thrilled about this but I can assure you they all had a blast

He enjoyed the attention

He also enjoyed the ice cream!

I made this, I call it "the year in Bradford"

He had such a great time

We opened presents when we got home and he had a blast!

I love this does B. Look at that face!

What a blessing it is to have so many people that we can call friends and that will come celebrate with us.  As we left Moth and I were talking about how blessed we are and we had a nice talk with the kids about what friendship is.  What a GREAT DAY!

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