Thursday, December 30

GO SEE DO!!!!!!

As I mentioned before one of my resolutions was to spend more time going places and making memories with the kids. Yesterday we rode the tarantula train to the Fort Worth stock yards and back.  I went with my friend Allison and her two kiddos + a little girl on the way.  The train took every bit of an hour and a half to get to the stockyards, although it felt WAY longer coming home.  I think it went well, I am really glad we did it but it is one of those one time things if you know what I mean. Get ready for picture overload, but hey it's the best way to tell a story right ;) Oh and C had his "model look" on today man that kid is adorable if I do say so myself (he looks like his daddy ;)

Avi, C, and R ready for the train

Here it comes.

B was not too sure at first

Then I got him popcorn.....

.....and he was happy

R looking out the window

C is so handsome!

Posing again!

R pet a horse for the first time!

B looked on

Yummy lemonade

C with the face again!

Remember here where I said B won't leave his shirt on

ohhhh r was annoyed here!

On our way home!

....and we are DONE!

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