Thursday, December 30

B and his words

First things first.......

I need some help re designing and re vamping my blog.  I don't really like the title and I never really did it was just something for the moment.  Well the moment has passed and I need a new look and feel.  If anyone can help or knows someone that can please let me know!

OK on to the B

For months we have been working with B to try and stimulate his vocabulary and we finally had a break through.  The past two weeks his vocabulary has exploded and we are so relieved. I always knew there wasn't a learning disability because his comprehension was above average. However, he still wasn't talking or even trying to talk and it was weighing heavily on my heart because he was getting so frustrated and it was turning into aggressive behavior and that is really tough to deal with. B has gone from maybe 4 real words to close to 20 in a matter of a week! He is also using signs and has learned to shake is head for yes and no.  I think what I learned most from this is that no matter what this child is going to talk in his own time and I just need to give him opportunities and encouragement.  I know all kids are different but I just want him to have the best opportunities to grow and learn like his brother and sister.  I can't wait to see what this beautiful little guy becomes in the future.

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