Wednesday, December 29


Forward: Thank goodness I had this post ready to go yesterday, AND I already took our decorations down monday, because today is going to be a crazy day of cleaning........WE HAVE A SHOWING TOMORROW!!!!

Here was our Christmas

Well it only took a few days but I finally got my christmas post together and it's mostly pictures. This year was a year of new traditions.  We are having a bit of an extended family issue so we had made plans to not have any plans for Christmas.   Ryan had to work Christmas Eve day so we spent the morning at my mom's (grandma's) making cookies.   The kids loved it so much and I scared them into thinking they would get sick if they ate the dough which meant I had to sneak bites :). 

Some of the YUMMYNESS

She did NOT want a cookie with B germs on it!

After all these years my Mom finally got her blue eyed child!

B did better than I thought

C was so handsome.....can you see the haircut he gave himself??
She loved when the dough got stuck!

Icing was their favorite


Uncle Kent had fun too!

More icing
The girls were trying to hold the boys back from eating more cookies.

 We started another new tradition this year and went to a movie on christmas eve. We saw Yogi Bear, and I will say it was pretty lame and if I didn't have a kid in my lap I definately would have fallen asleep but my husband will tell you he thought it was funny and "pretty good"

After that we headed home and on a whim decided to go to midnight mass, more on that crazy lovely idea in a bit.  We rented a movie and let the big kids open on gift and proceeded to keep them up for four hours past their bedtime, we are clearly parents of the year.

        R opened her Belle doll Christmas Eve
C loved playing Hungry Hippos, and you can see more of his lovely haircut.

B was just happy to be up so late!
These kids have so much happiness it's heartwarming

See no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil!

Mass as you probably guessed turned out to be a nightmare.  Our usually perfectly behaved toddler was a complete mess! He was up and down and all over the place yelling and frustrated as you can imagine any toddler would be.  I was so embaressed.  The other two kiddos were fine and slept through the whole mass which made leaving a bit difficult (I think C was asleep as he walked himself to the car) 

The upside and it was major was that the kids slept until 10:30 Christmas day, and WE had to wake up the boys ourselves!!!!!!! I didn't get a ton of pictures of the kids opening presents because I wanted video, and someday I will get that uploaded, but here are a few.  Excuse the lack of editing in some of these....

Playing the new ps move
The ONLY thing the kids asked for!

Yes the big kids only asked for a trumpet and a sax! I am so glad I found these on, they are great and the kids LOVE them so much.  B got a ball popper and a talking garbage truck.  We all got the ps move and I got Ryan a basketball and a certificate to finally take his CHL class.

After we opened presents we headed to my Mom's and then to Ryan's Aunt and Uncle's to finish up the Christmas "rounds"

We had an absolute blessed Christmas and are looking forward to the new year and all the possibilities


  1. I love these pictures! Are you photo-shopping these or are you just that good?! Keep blogging sister. My grandmother has been journaling for years now, before blogging was invented. For Christmas she gave us a binder full of stories like these and the gift was PERFECT!

  2. YES I edit most of my photos, especially indoor ones because the lighting is so blah! I have heard that there are companies that will turn your blog into a book so I am going to look into that one day.