Tuesday, December 28

Top Two Tuesday

Last year I had one new years resolution with MANY sub points. My goal for 2010 was to become more domestic.  This basically turned into "become more like my Grandmother" I think I did pretty well on my goal.  I took three months worth of sewing classes with my BFF and we were able to complete a few projects, and I surprised myself with a spirituality journey that I never could have imagined!
Two of my quilts 

I was also able to complete my photography class and I learned so much about taking photos and I think it has paid off.  My $125 photography class ended up costing us 1500 or so on a new MAC and software plus I want a new lens and a flash but I LOVE knowing what I am doing with my camera now. 
This was a class favorite on our critique of freeze motion
I also think I got better on my own at cooking, although the idea was to take cooking classes.  I couldn't find a cooking class that worked for me though. I also wanted to take a cake class but I didn't get around to that one so I will table it because I really want to.

NOW FOR THIS YEAR'S resolutions.  Since it is a top two I will focus on two but I might list some more.

1. Become a more "go, see, do" Mom

 I think I am pretty good at this but the past few months I fell away a bit and I want to get back into the hands on routine of going to the park, museum, and zoo.  I want to spontaneously head to the park and run and just be with the kids. This includes our first family vacation to the beach hopefully we can make this happen!

2.  Watch LESS TV!!!! This is pretty simple to explain.  We watch too much TV, I want to watch less!

3.  OK I really need this one because it's something I want to work really hard to get better at.......BLOG MORE! I was doing so well and then I got away from it, but I really am going to be better at this!

4.  My friend just reminded me when she commented about a previous post.....I want to get my kitchen and bedroom organized!  I have a small space and I need it to work for our family in a major way!