Friday, December 3


It has been a few days since I let go of a few things that were keeping me from so many things in real life and I couldn't be happier.  My children are playing so nicely, running inside and outside in the backyard and as I sit here typing its crazy to know that while the outside might think my life is chaos, it is in the midst of this chaos that I find peace. My mind is quiet and I believe it is leading to a quieter world. I have had a great week dispite some crazy stuff (Bradford somehow got a marker in his bed and subsequently turned himself blue!).

On to other things....

This weekend we are headed to Oklahoma for a couple of days to get away a bit and go visit Ryan's amazing and beautiful Grandmother. I am in the process of getting us all packed and ready to go tonight!.

I really need someone to help me come organize my kitchen and master closet, since it looks like we will be here for a while I want to get those two places under control, so if you know anyone or have and ideas please help.  Our master closet is tiny and our kitchen does not have a pantry!!!

Have a safe and blessed weekend!

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  1. I just got my iPhone and already told ben I need to get rid of's consumes me way too much! Have fun in OK! Miss u! I can help u organize once I'm feeling a little better :)