Wednesday, December 1

Goodbye technology!

Today I bid farewell to my beloved facebook page, I sold my beloved iPhone4 in an attempt to reorganize my life and priorities. As for my blog, I am going to put more effort into taking a few minutes a day to document my life on here.  It feels so good to get away from technology a bit, however I will say I find myself needing a number when I am out or wanting to look something up online and now that I do not have access to the internet out and about it makes things different, maybe a Garmin is in order too!

Things around here are going well.  Our house is still on the market but we have not had a look since September so we are thinking this is not going to work out this time but it will in God's time.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving the kids really loved sitting at their own table and eating whenever they wanted it was so nice, here are some pictures from the day (excuse the lack of editing!)

B thought the electric knife was too loud!

Our kids still support the Rangers!

Papa did the honors of cutting the turkey

Biggest rolls I have ever seen....I MADE THESE!


Happy kids

Sweet Riley

Today is technically Wacky Wednesday, but things have been pretty mellow around here so I can't think of anything too wacky today.

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