Friday, September 17

This Weekend

 Well this weekend will be jam packed to say the least. Friday night I have a meeting with our young adults group The Flock. Saturday I am coaching C's soccer game, Saturday night we have a babysitter so we can go to our GHS 10 year reunion (expect a post about that one monday). Saturday is also the day that our oldest C turns 5! His birth story is here , and it was a different and unexpected day that's for sure. This year we decided not to have a big party and opted for a small family gathering on Sunday. In addition to the sunday party we have a family event planned for our reunion at a park and hopefully it will be successful, I know it will be fun!

So expect LOTS of pictures and lots of fun stories monday. Also, I have my first appointment with my Tubal Reversal doctor on Thursday and I am full of all sorts of emotions about our upcoming BIG DAY!

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I will leave you with my favorite almost five year old opening a present from his Aunt JoJo and Uncle Cahn

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