Tuesday, September 21

So much to talk about

WOW what a great weekend!

We had our usual saturday soccer game, where the Superkicks played outstanding and my own superkid at at least 7 goals.

Saturday night was our 10 year HS reunion.  Ryan and I had an absolute blast. We saw lots of old friends and had a great time looking though the yearbook and telling old stories.  Ryan and I won two contest, one for having the most kids, and one for the hs sweethearts that have been together the longest.

Sunday was a pretty good day as well. We had the family event for our reunion and while it was not a great turnout, the people that came were great and we had a nice visit.

Sunday evening, we had a family party for C to celebrate his fifth birthday. He was allowed to invite two friends and he chose two that he doesn't get to see very often anymore because they went to kindergarten this year. We had a very nice, small gathering and I was so proud of the way C acted. He was so thankful for his gifts and very nice to his cousin's and his friends. I think for C the small party works best because there is less commotion and he can relax and play without being told what to do or how to play.

monday we went with some good friends to the Fort Worth Science Museum. It was not crowded at all and the kids had a great time.
Bradford playing
My kids before the museum
Cameron spinning a plate

After we were done playing for the day we walked outside and there was a fountain.  I NEVER am one to have something not planned or doing anything spontaneous, however today was such a good day and the fountain looked like fun! I told C and R they could both just go run in the water.  C couldn't believe me and it took him a couple of times running around it to actually go in it.  He had so much fun getting wet and laughing, R on the other hand wanted no part in the spontaneous play.  Its amazing how different two children of the same parent can be.
Cameron after the water

Cameron and Riley

All in all what a great weekend, I am sure glad it is OVER! This week Ryan is out of town and I am looking forward to my Dr. appointment on Thursday to talk about the upcoming surgery. I am going through all sorts of emotions with that and I plan on a post about it soon.

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