Wednesday, September 22

Wacky Wednesday....and Family Video!

Actually I wanted to say "Crazy" wednesday but it doesn't fit with the whole "W" thing.

We (mostly I) get these looks all the time.  Really, its gotten to the point where I know the look without looking.  I can FEEL the look.  The saying that gets my skin boiling is "you've got your hands full" WHAT do you SAY to that one.......

 1. Yup..... with a smile of course

 2. Better me than you. A funny one but I would never say it!!!!

 3. The obvious and one I think to myself while I say #1....NO KIDDING thank you for letting me know that you think its OK to judge other people's situation and just assume that because they have three little ones they must hate life and dread waking up each morning.

Truth be told why yes going out with three small children isn't always my favorite part of the day but it's just a tiny part of my day.  For those without kiddos please think about that when you see a mommy like me and a better thing to say would be "what a beautiful family"  I will always smile and say "yup" when I hear this comment, I am smiling because I know how blessed I am to have my hands full.

Here is my reply to the "CRAZY" talk. My good friend over at The Undomestic Momma posted a video similar and so of course I had to share mine (she is WAY better at this blogging thing than I and if you want free stuff head over there!)

OH and tomorrow is my Dr. appt. to talk about my surgery! If you haven't read the story click here! I will post about that tomorrow!


  1. lol I always get, "are these ALL yours?" to which I say something like, "I know, aren't I lucky?" I also get, "You're too young to have 4 kids!" to which I say, "and yet I do..." Or, "yeah, I started early, but that means I'll still be young enough to play when they leave." Gotta love people like that. They def make life crazy, and make for some rotten days, but without the really rotten days we wouldn't appreciate the really awesome days that we have with them, right?