Thursday, September 16

I love Thursday's

When I was a kid Thursdays were my favorite day because it was "Friends" and "ER" night.

Now, Thursday's are my absolute favorite day because the weekend is near and I get to spend the whole day at home with this guy

B and I have been spending a lot of time together. I love my alone time with this little guy. He is so happy and sweet and he loves to laugh and cuddle. He is still not talking but we are working on it and I am learning he will talk in his own time. I never thought I would have a blonde haired, blue eyed boy but this little guy has stolen my heart.

In other news things have finally started to slow down for me this year (now that it's coming to an end.)

I started out on a mission to accomplish four things that will help me in my day to day life.

#1 Learn to sew.

Accomplished! This one started out pretty rocky, my first class my teacher told us to get out our bobbin's and I replied with "what's a bobbin?" I think she probably thought i was a lost cause, not only was I clueless but my sewing machine sounded somewhat like an old motorcycle engine. Fortunately for me I am a quick learner, and I bought a new sewing machine that has helped me create some beautiful things!

When I sew I feel my Grandmother with me, she was my role model, I had a really close connection with her and I feel that when I get out my machine!

#2 Learn how to use my camera

This one was a bit tricky. I have a Cannon 40D and I had no idea how to use it and it was explained to me that basically I have a 1500 dollar camera and I use it like a point and shoot. So I decided to take a continuing education class that ended up being an hour away. This class was twice a week for 4 hours for 10 weeks of my summer! It was very very challenging just to make it to class yet alone compete with the other photographers for best photo of the assignment. I "won" that once with this picture.....

#3 Learn how to bake......
#4 Take a cooking class.......

Three and four might be put off till next year!!!!

In the midst of my two classes I......
Have gone through and put on a CRHP retreat (we met every monday for 6 months)
Joined the hospitality team for our women's group
Become a co-co coordinator for the Archangel Mom's
Gone on a ski retreat with our youth kids
Volunteered to work with our youth kids every wednesday night
I coach C's soccer team
I have become the "unofficial" church photographer
I am the room mom for C's preschool class

Maybe I do to much, I don't feel that way. If I ever feel that way I will re-evaluate and change it up. Right now things are going great and I couldn't be happier! Happy Thursday.

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