Wednesday, September 15


I am at a crossroads with this blog. I am hovering between "going big or going home." Do I continue this blog as a story of our tubal reversal and beyond or do I turn this into a focus on the family type blog with all the bells, whistles, and pictures. I think in typing this I just decided to make it a little of both. In telling my reversal story I may inspire someone who is thinking about going the same route or by my crazy kid stories I might deter someone from ever having kids.....we tend to have the later effect lately.
So from now on more post about the fun/funny/crazy stuff that happens in our family starting with.......


C, my oldest who is about to turn 5 on Saturday, is the smartest, friendliest, funniest kid I know (insert bias comment here) but I have so many stories about this kid to prove my point that most of my WACKY kid Wednesday posts will end up being about him.

I ran into a new friend while I was at church for a meeting one day two weeks ago. My friend is from Italy and she speaks with a very heavy Italian accent. I introduced her to C and after hearing her speak the first thing he says to her is HOLA. I thought to myself "Oh man my kid thinks every one with an accent speaks Spanish eekkkk how am i going to handle this?" She kind of ignores him the first time but to C that is his cue to continue to say HOLA until she acknowledges him. So after 5 hola's i say to C, "_____ is from Italy they speak Italian." Without missing a beat C says to her "do you know Vamanos?" ....So I should have said I HAD a new friend at church!!! (no she is still a friend, fortunately she has a sense of humor)

This kid makes me laugh. Happy Birthday C!

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