Wednesday, September 1

The reality is......

My tubal reversal might not work in the sense that we may not have anymore children

I know this. I understand that there are percentages involved and this could leave us without expanding our family. I am fine with that, we are fine with that. The whole point to having this done is so that HIS will be done. If that means that we don't have anymore children so be it, if that means we have more children, so be it.

One thing I haven't talked about yet is the "other" reason's we chose to have the reversal. One of the things I didn't anticipate going into having the reversal is possible side effects. I just knew that this was a permanent way of not having anymore children and at the time I was OK with that.
However having the tubal has cause major problems with my health, well not so much health directly but definitely with my quality of life. PTLS or Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome can be pretty rough. I had many symptoms of headaches, heart palpitations, dizziness, nausea, menstrual "issues" after my youngest was born. It was BAD so bad that I really thought I was dying of "something" I went to all sorts of doctors from regular to all natural to even a neurologist, i had a couple of EKG's, all sorts of blood work to test for everything. I even had a MRI on my brain because I thought for sure I had brain cancer.

ALL the test came back normal! Yes I should have been happy but I certainly didn't feel NORMAL. I felt awful, I would tell Ryan, "Please don't let anything happen to me" and he would probably think I was crazy.
Finally it hit me, I never felt this way before could it have something to due with my c-section or the tubal???? Maybe the doctor left gauze in me(I had them check for that too!) or maybe my body is not reacting well to what I just did to it.
So I got on the computer and started researching side affects of a tubal ligation. WOW the results were endless in .02 seconds I got about 76,000 results! OK this is what is going on with me, everything I read pointed straight to PTLS. It makes sense too, basically your body works a certain way and when you mess that up it gets all "out of whack"

So I get really excited about having this surgery, I pray that all of these symptoms will stop and I can be back to "normal" Who knows we may even be blessed with life again!


  1. Oh my gosh Leslie why did you not tell me you had all of this going on? Im so sorry! Im glad you are getting it fixed and will get to feeling better! Let us know if yall need anything!

  2. I hope you start feeling better after the surgery! I had weird symptoms after my last c section and tubal too.. my Dr. basically told me I was crazy for thinking that it was the cause...anyway, they subsided, although I'm convinced I'll never really be the same. Although I'm more inclined to blame the c sections rather than the tubal in my case... I hope it all works out Les...

  3. I hope you are feeling better and it all works out for the best. I also pray that you find peace with your situation.

    I'm your newest follower and looking forward to your next post where you are feeling better already!