Monday, July 2

You have to stand for something

Or you will fall for everything.

I feel so alone sometimes in my thoughts. Caught between wanting to be "cool" and wanting to Follow Him, without distractions. Without hesitation. Am I better than anyone, absolutely not. Does it come off that way when I don't agree with things "of this world"? As much as I hate to admit, I imagine it does. But I am certainly not, better, by any means. I have my faults. I am fearful of things (irrationally), which tells you that I struggle with fully trusting the Lord. I am an absolute recluse when it comes to confrontation, I will avoid it with everything I have. I have a short fuse with my kids sometimes. I am terrible with money. Where am I going with this? I just want my kids to one day read this and know that in the midst of chaos their mother stood for something and that means standing against somethings.

1. I am 100% against abortion AND the death penalty. I don't see how you can be for one and not the other. If there are people out there that have had an abortion this DOES NOT mean I am against you or think you are going to hell. I do not think that whatsoever. I will pray for healing and I will not judge, it is not my job.
2. I have not read 50 shades of grey, I will not. I actually had it in my possession for a while but every time I looked at it I just felt sick about reading it. I wonder if my children will even know what 50 shades of grey is....I hope not. If you have read this it does not mean we can't be friends just means I won't read it....or go see the movie ;) (I feel SO alone in this one, it seems NO one is standing with me)
3. I will not see Magic Mike....a movie about male strippers. As silly as it may seem I just won't.
4. We are withholding some vaccines from our kids. We have done the research and this was not an overnight took us almost 5 years to make it. This does not mean my kid will give you polio.


  1. I will not read 50 shades of grey either. Or see Magic Mike. Ever. You're not alone there.

  2. And I don´t drink anything with alcohol in it. I´m kind of alone in this though.
    I would never ever spank my children (yet they are very well behaved).
    Would never buy a onepice.
    Abortion and death penalty is something I´m against, BUT I do think every woman has the right to choose.
    That´s me.
    And I´m swedish.