Wednesday, June 20

A List of Lately's

1. You would not believe how many "drafts" I have in my blog thingy, some about parenting, friends, a day in our goes on. I don't even know where I have been most days. But today I sit and I write......hoping to get over this gigantic writers block I have gotten my self into. honestly I am not even looking at the computer, I am currently staring out my back window into our backyard where not a child plays because we have a major ant and mosquito problem. So basically the past few months we have been wrapping up school, traveling, planning, and living our summer.

A little look at our big kids at the beach 

2. Somehow I have gotten myself into a mess with "the worlds clingiest baby" This poor kid only wants me. If he only knew how low his standards are HA! We are working on sleeping through the night and not crying when Daddy tries to make him laugh. The harder Ryan tries the harder he cries. This kid is loaded with cuteness but man he's all about me right now. I suppose making it over the six month mark with breastfeeding has something to do with it. I have never made it this far with a nursing kid before so I am very proud of myself.

3. We had a nice Father's day. I have really sort of dropped the ball in the past when it comes to Ryan's gifts, so this year we did it up right and I made a "video card" to tell Daddy how much we love and appreciate him, and that his gift is he gets to go SKYDIVING!

4. We are making decisions about our kids and whats best for how we raise them and while this is rather coy I just can't talk about it but I will ask for prayers for God's will. 

5. I am getting lots of questions about our vacation and I am working on a video along with do's and don'ts for cruising with kids. I will get it up soon, we took 400 something pictures and videos so its quite a job, and pro-bono at that. 

6. Well what do you ya know, I made it to bedtime! Another summer day down and it was a good one at that! Time to get these kids to bed.


  1. Sweetest video ever!! We miss you guys. Playdate soon. :)

  2. I don't know how you don't have time to blog with 4 kids--and 1 being attached to you ;) I kid--let's plan a playdate soon too!!!