Monday, April 23

Cloth diapering on the road.

While I didn't actually particicpate in the Great Cloth Diaper Change I changed quite a few cloth over the weekend so I was there in spirit!

I have been cloth diapering for about a year. I started a little late with Bradford and then when Elijah was born I started at 3 months. It's funny I don't consider myself a "cloth diaper"er" if people ask me then I let them know how easy it is and why we chose it but I don't think its for everyone. Most days I wonder if its for me even.  The truth is I actually enjoy cloth diapering. Which to me sounds incredibly strange. I certainly never imagined myself using cloth on the road. So when we went to Oklahoma a couple of weeks  ago I went for it. Now I didn't "truly cloth diaper" I guess you could say I cheated a bit and used disposable yet biodegradable and all natural inserts. I must say it was WAY easier than I thought. We have a few "hybrid" diapers like these

Hybrid diapers are diapers where you can use a cloth insert OR a disposable insert 
Disposable inserts 

Even Ryan commented on how easy it was using the disposable inserts and they seemed to absorb very well and quite a bit. They NEVER leaked too! is where I bought most of my diapers and I gotta say cloth on the road was very succesful, we'll see how it goes on the cruise and if I actually can convince myself that I am a cloth momma!

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