Friday, April 20

Cto5K update

Well I had a headache stricken little boy and we went out of town for a week (weak excuses I KNOW) but Tuesday I finally got back to the gym.  I swear the odds were against me. I got in the car and hubs had forgot to get gas so that had me rushing not to miss my appointment. *at my gym you have to have an appointment for infants. When I got to the gym I picked up Elijah and discovered he had pooped and leaked all over his seat. FUN changing a cloth diaper in the car with out a wetbag uh. I didn't think I had a clean outfit but I found one under the was clean, score! When you have three kids your are taking to the gym it can take up to 20minutes to get in the door and get everyone checked in take them all potty and make sure the universe lines up just right so that I can run upstairs workout out and on a lucky day get a shower AND dry my hair in 2 hrs.

I finally made it upstairs to the treadmill and started back on week three. I was supposed to start week four but since it had been a week since I worked out I decided to go back to weak 3. I flipping rocked it, if I do say so myself. I am down four pounds since I started and I swear it's making things easier. I actually ran a mile during my workout. I went rouge on the c25K app and decided to push myself and see how far I could actually run. Well one lap turned into two, then three, then four!!! It felt good, about as good as it did in high school where we had to run it in under 7min. For me having gone through everything I have and putting my body through baby making for almost 6 years straight it felt amazing to run for a mile! The rest of the day I wanted to sleep but obviusly that wasn't going to happen so I pushed through....we will see how today (wednesday) goes....wish me luck!

Update! Wednesday rocked and so did today (thursday) I am now down 5lbs! ONLY 45 to go ;)

Thanks for all of the encouragement and well wishes it REALLY is motivating me!

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