Friday, July 6

A fourth to remember and finally our cruise video!

I finally finished our cruise video, it's a little long but I had to fit all the memories in.

We had a fantastic July Fourth holiday. Ryan was off work, Cameron won 5 tickets to an FC Dallas game so we all headed out to Frisco to enjoy the festival and game. Before we went to the game we stopped by my mom's to take some pictures.

Our family of six

Four babies

This guy...

is so 


it was super hot!

Daddy loves babywearing

The last three shots were from dinner, there we lots of "fair" type food booths outside at the festival but we thought it would be better if we went inside and ate before we went back outside in the hear to watch the soccer game. We ended up waiting 50 minutes from the time we ordered our food until we received our food! It was getting a tad ridiculous however our kids were awesome and there were not any meltdowns from them....just me! They did give us our entire meal for free so we were pretty happy about that even though we missed kickoff.

The game was so much fun, thanks to Cameron who won the tickets in the spring. I am so glad he convinced me to let him enter the drawing! The fireworks show was about 100 yards from us and booming right over our heads, I am not one to take a ton of fireworks pictures, in fact I didn't get my camera out at all at the game. Poor little Bradford has some audio processing issues and did not enjoy the night so much, I think next time he would rather stay home. We got the kids into bed just after midnight and they actually slept till 9!!!

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