Monday, May 9

I dropped off the blog world somehow. Again.

When things are rough I don't blog.  Everyone is fine. Perfectly healthy, and that includes TNB. Ryan and I are great, better than ever actually which is a result of the negativity that is swirling around us.  The best thing that can happen when things are tough is that you become closer to your spouse and recognize those relationships that mean the most. I will pop in and out again over the next few weeks because as usual I take on way too much "stuff" and have a load to carry through May.  I will do a quick re-cap of the last week or so.

1. I can really space out especially when I think something is wrong with my kid. Let's take Friday for example.

Friday around 3 I was getting the little kids ready to go pick up Cameron when I notice and GIANT hard "thing" on Bradford's leg. I immediately assumed staph infection and began to blame his tonsillectomy as the cause of such infection. In my defense Riley is a MRSA carrier and we believe she got this as a result of being in the hospital at one month old. So off we go to the doctor, I remind you that is was 3:30 on a Friday. We get there and Doctor Robert kindly reminds me that Bradford is very allergic to mosquito bites and this was a bite. I felt so silly, however also to my defense he hasn't been bitten since last summer.  But really how could I have forgotten??????
This was the first mosquito bite that B ever got and the picture doesn't do it justice. They get worse and worse every time!

2.  My son is about to graduate preschool. He has been there since a month before his second birthday and I cannot say enough about this school. They have loved my child, taught my child, and yes even disciplined my child. I love the school, the teachers everything about it. Cameron is reading level on readers and his vocabulary includes words like, ravenous, lecture, weary, and immense . He uses every word correctly in context and he will go into kindergarten with confidence and a vast amount of knowledge. Please pray that the school we picked for him works out because it's looking grim right now!

Cameron's first year of preschool
3. I had a delightful mother's day. We went to mass, and since I am CRAVING wings we went to Hooters to partake in their "Mom's Eat Free" promotion. It was EMPTY and perfect. We had our own section and the kids got to run around and have fun and I got to eat! Then we came home and took a nap while watching the Maverick's dominate the Lakers. My only request was that MOTH clean my car and he did and I am so incredibly thankful!

4. I am into my second trimester and already feeling the effects. It is heavenly.

5. As I am typing my kids literally broke the cookie jar. Glass everywhere. Lovely. I kept telling them, "if you move, you will bleed" A little harsh but I didn't want to deal with a cut foot so they stood still for a whole five minutes while I cleaned it all up. Maybe I should say that more often.  It sure does feel good to blog again though!

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  1. Hahaha! "You move, you bleed!" I love it! Glad to see you back! Praying for you!!!