Wednesday, April 27

What I'm Lovin'

I'm Loving cascarones (confetti eggs) we had an absolute blast with them on Sunday. 

I'm lovin' that after about a month of taking Bradford off of dairy he has gone from less than five words to over 20! I thought my Doctor was a little strange for recommending that we try it but at that point I was desperate to hear my little guy speak and now he is doing just that. This solidifies to me that Dr. Robert is a genius and I will never look at him weird again! If you need a pediatrician, he is hard to get into but if you do you won't be disappointed. His staff goes above and beyond to be nice and helpful and he spends lots of time with you and makes sure to answer all your questions. Contact Dr. Robert if you need a pediatrician in Grapevine.

I'm lovin' that we switched to cloth diapers and we got them in today. Better late than never. TNB will live in them and B will spend the rest of his diaper days in cloth. 

Charlie Banana
I'm Lovin' we are visiting our friends that moved to Alpharetta before christmas I miss Allison and I can't wait to spend some time with her and her boys. 

Last but not least I'm Lovin' that we get to spend once a week at Harkins theatre in Southlake . for two dollars a week me and the kids get to see a movie in their big theatre. It was a big hit last year and I am excited to go again and this year Bradford gets to go with us.

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  1. Why would dairy make a difference in how much he talks? Is that a common problem that people see?