Wednesday, April 6

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am Loving that my first Doctors appointment for TNB (the new baby) is Friday. I Love that my husband will be there for his first, first appointment too!
Sort of what we are hoping to see!

I am Loving my kids. Duh. But really, they are great. They don't always listen or behave but we are working on it of course and I am just loving raising these little guys 


I am loving this whole coupon world I have been introduced to. "The Krazy Coupon Lady" has be captivated, confused and excited all at once. 

I am loving that my Moth with 30 in two weeks and NOT me!!!! HAHA, well I will be a year behind him so I can't really say much.

I am loving that the Rangers are 6-0! We used to go to a ton of games when I was a kid and it's exciting to have a good team!

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