Friday, April 8

Today is The Day, Summary

Our first Dr.'s appointment is today. In the words of Gru, " I have pins and needles that I am sitting on" I can't wait until 2:30.  Is it to early to leave at 9am? I don't know why I am so nervous. Well maybe I do. I feel so undeserving of this gift this time around. The first three times I never really thought about it but since I had the tubal.....then reversal, I completely understand what a gift this child is. I still don't feel like it's real. I am just ready to see a heartbeat in the uterus and NOT in the tubes like I have in my dreams the past few weeks. Tick, tick, tick.....If you need me I will be listening to this song till 2:45

OK weekly summary....

Monday- I barely did anything, this week, the past week and the coming couple of weeks are going to be difficult.  I just have to get through the first trimester and all will be peachy. I did have the privilege to hear a speaker at our church Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night. She was inspiring and had some amazing insight on our faith. I felt blah but I am so glad I went.

Tuesday- I hung out with an oldie but goodie friend since middle school. She has a adorable new baby and precious 4 year old twins. Bradford and her daughter played great together. It's great to have good friends you can talk to and its a bonus when your kids get along.

Wednesday- I did nothing but watch my house self implode. It was a disaster

Thursday - MOTH came home at lunch and saved my world. He cleaned house and did laundry and just made my week! I love him.

Today and the weekend are TBD.  I hope every one has a blessed weekend!

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  1. Prayers for a wonderful first appointment! God is good all the time girl!