Thursday, March 31

Thursday Summary

I hardly ever have anything to say on thursday so I thought I would sum
 up my week and see how it goes. 

Weeks are flying by, at a rate I am not thrilled with. However, (brace yourself it's a pretty lame highlight)  it is Thursday and since my favorite show Modern Family was a re-run last night I am looking forward to my new shows tonight. 

Our house is officially off the market.  So you all missed out on buying our amazing home. No worries I am sure we will list again next year or something, I mean we have had the house on the market for two years so it's inevitable right.  I am happy with staying here, we are cozy and we really don't spend a whole lot of time here anyway. PLUS we have a home that God has provided and we are very blessed. 

I signed Cameron up for kindergarten today. It was anti-climactic. I walked in to a slew of very friendly people, turned in my paperwork and that was is it (oh I wrote a nice check too). As emotional as I have been lately I was shocked I didn't cry.  I did however cry while taking pictures of two sweet little boys receiving their first communion. That was completely unexpected. 

My much older (by 51 weeks) husband is turning the big 30 a week after I turn the big 29 in April. Hopefully I can pull a trick or two....ha who am I kidding.  I mean the guy did get the best surprise of his life with my Big Announcement and all. We'll see. 

In case you missed it (a few have asked to have the link again) here is the video and his reaction to the most awesome video ever.....

Hope every one has had a fantastic week. 


  1. I hadn't had a chance to watch the video of Ryan until now. So cool...

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  3. It seems like weeks are flying by for me too!

  4. This house selling stuff is horrible! I'm shocked at how few buyers are in the market. The house we want has been on for a year, but we can't get it until our house sells. It's this horrible chain reaction.

    At least you can have some peace with the house off the market.