Tuesday, March 29

A little of this and that

First of all last night I worked myself into an anxiety attack and had myself convinced that I had an ectopic pregnancy.  Do any of you do this........

It starts as a little ache.....

so you think hmmmmm what IS that? I didn't have that with my other pregnancies, maybe I should look it up.


Looking things "up" always gets me in trouble. In a matter of a few minutes WHILE sitting in a meeting at church I diagnosed myself with an ectopic pregnancy, over an ACHE mind you. All of the sudden I am driving home thinking about who is going to watch my kids while I go into emergency surgery. OVER AN ACHE. I had no spotting or anything other than a small pain, and I was shivering, but it was cold.  So of course I couldn't sleep and today I have been zombie like. (the pain is gone believe it or not!)

I do that all of the time, it's annoying. Moving on.

Yesterday was my Saturday, I mentioned before that my MOTH works on everyone else's Saturday.  Well the weather cleared up for a minute so we ventured out in the kids Easter best and took our annual easter pictures. Last year we spent 700 bucks on pictures LONG STORY. The year before that Riley cried the whole time and it was a nightmare, a funny nightmare but a nightmare none the less.
Riley screamed the whole time

poor Cameron couldn't take his sister anymore!

This year was GREAT. The kids were happy, smiling and very cooperative. Here is a sneak peak.

There are the few, they aren't the best ones....I am saving those for the Easter cards!

Oh and one more thing, I have new followers that I am going to get to meet at the Dallas Blogger Meet Up! I can't wait, and ladies I am way cooler on my blog than in real life, I hope thats OK ;)


  1. Um how cute are your kids, seriously so photogenic, and stinkin' adorable!! Love it!!

    Can't wait to meet you :)

  2. Whatever! You were cool back in the LTF days!!!

  3. You have to share where you get their clothes! So cute! I dislike going shopping for my son sometimes. EVERYTHING is made to look like a grandpa or Bill Cosby. Your kids are so dang cute!