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This has nothing really to do with my post but Norm is kinda funny

HAHA congrats if you are still here that was just a funny video I found

I just came up with this .......everyone seems to have a cute name for their husband on here whether it be Hubs, Hubby, The Mister.....or my personal fav Jerk Face, OK so that last one is not real but I toyed with using it instead. I have been trying to come up with the perfect word to call my Ryan.  My requirements were simple, not lame or cheesy, since we are neither of those.  It had to be something way cooler and most EPIC and of course my own.  So there it is.
Me and MOTH on Burbon Street.

I was trying to think of a unique name and I thought of this : When Ryan leaves for work, or long trips and C is upset MOTH tells C, "you're the Man of The House  while I am gone," and that always calms him down and makes him smile.

I think this solidifies me as an official blogger in the blog world.  If someone already has this awesome nickname for their husband I appologize for thinking I was super awesome and came up with this on my own.  So now that you know my nickname here an official post dedicated to my MOTH.

Some Dads don't "do" birthday parties, my MOTH does them and enjoys it.  

He is Catholic and brought me to my faith and for that alone I am forever greatful

The sign of an amazing father is one who interacts with his kids and doesn't care if he looks silly.  

Ryan is the best parent, he can take all three anywhere and do it better than me.  It pains me to admit that.

Most of you know Ryan and I met when we were 12, at my 13th birthday party Ryan played with my little brother who was seven at the time. Looking back this was a true sign of what a good father this guy would be.  

Ryan was instrumental in supporting me with this surgery and he loves the thought of more children whether it be through us or adoption

Ryan works so incredibly hard and gives us all he has all the time.

Where I am weak he is strong (negotiating), where he is weak I am strong (being awesome, funny, and incredibly good looking ;)

We were too young, too broke, too immature, too broken (at times) and we have are continuously over coming and becoming better together

Ryan has his priorities in order and every one who knows him knows it God, Me, Kids.....everything else and PS3 ;) 

I know for a fact he hasn't always liked my cooking but he always makes me feel like I have done a good job.

Ryan took his vows seriously, I know this because I am constantly testing him. 

Ryan has and will always be my rock and my soulmate.

He also of course......reads my blog ;)


Our first official pic together, the football team all bleached their hair and Ryan's parents made him comb it to the side for church on Sunday.

 Prom 00

Oh my Grandmother LOVED HIM!!! And she LOVED me of course, and I carry her in my heart always.  Our little C carries part of her name as his middle name. Her name was Pauline his middle name is Paul.  

Our official engagement photo.....told you we were broke!

Our wedding day. This is our current parish where all our kids were baptized.

My best Christmas present I ever gave. A trip to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl!

OH and we are soooooo not perfect ;) I have one friend whom I vent to about my husband and ONLY because she knows how much I love him, and I know how much she loves her MOTH. So you will only see the perfect on my blog ;)

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  1. I loved seeing all of your cute pics! I am terrified of moths since the year one flew into this girls ear at church camp...ew!