Monday, January 31

Why don't I say my kids names, weekend recap

I think I decided menu monday is not my cup of tea......I am not that creative and you probably don't give a hoot that we are having chicken casserole again this week because last week it FAILED!

Back to the topic at hand.....

I really don't know a good reason. MOTH asked me the other day and I just said for privacy reason's but then I thought well that's not really it so I don't know. The truth is I am not very good at it so if you pay close attention I have probably let their names slip. If you know me at all you know their names. This week Wed Thurs and Fri will be their "birth stories" with their name story included. Stay tuned, and hey.....follow me! I know your reading because I am getting LOTS of views a day but sadly I have no followers.  If you have tips on how to get followers I would love them. Maybe asking will help!

This weekend was pretty cool.  I helped with the CRHP (pronounced chirp) retreat and it was magical seeing another group of sisters get set on fire by their faith. My kids and moth went to Oklahoma for his great grandmothers "ninety something" birthday so of course I was sad to get a chance to see all of Ryan's family members.....the count is over one hundred!  During my CRHP break I felt so weird because I had a three hour break and I didn't have any kids or husband to take care of so really I had nothing to do and I couldn't find anything to do.  I felt so lost and LAME (ha).

Sunday we went to the NFL experience.  The Super Bowl is in town and the entire metroplex is playing host.  NFC is in Dallas and AFC is in Fort Worth with everything else in between. My favorite observance so far has been the Troy Aikman commercials telling us how we can behave and be good host! Dude, this IS Texas ya'll I think we have the whole hospitality thing down! The "experience" was a good one and worth the $90 bucks for all of us to get in. However, the light was AWFUL for pics.
As close as we could get to the Lombardi Trophy

of course he made it

well....she did make contact at least

He kept these on most of the day

R listened to an NFL player read cat in the hat

Add caption

A glimpse of C in 10 years

My favorite part of the day

C drew a crowd with his enthusiasm 

R did great too

look at that move!

Moth is heading out of town today until Saturday night so wish me luck with my CRAZY week and no husband plus this looming terribly cold weather.......a recipe for disaster!

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