Tuesday, February 1

C is for Cameron

 Here is Cameron Paul Maxwell's birth story  I forgot until I started typing that I had already posted it about a year ago.

Now for Cameron's name....
  Ryan and I were so excited to have a boy for our firstborn and so we wanted to pick the perfect name. We toyed around with many names, Christian, Riley, Braxton (I wanted that name so bad it has been forever vetoed).  We were having trouble coming up with THE name for our little man, until one day Ryan called me.  I was standing in our living room in our apartment and I remember the conversation perfectly.

Ryan, "I came up with the perfect name"

Me, hesitantly saying, "OK" I was just waiting for a joke name like Jo Bob or lawnmower like so many times before when Ryan said, "I came up with the perfect name

Ryan....he always starts with a story, "So, you know how we want a name that means something and we like the idea that John Travolta named his son Jet because his hobby is flying airplanes?"  Here I am thinking...oh no he wants to name our kid chip (we played a lot of poker in college) "well how about Cameron, since my hobby/career is camera's (Ryan graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism).

Me, "That's it, Cameron Paul, I love it!"

We had already decided his middle name would be Paul after my Grandmother Pauline whom I was incredibly close to.  She past away a month before we were pregnant with Cameron and I know she would have been over the moon for our little guy, because she handpicked him in heaven for us.

The day we brought him home

Such a happy kid


He and B have the same happy face

Cameron's first Birthday

Ride em' cowboy

His first pre school field day

strike a pose

One last thing.....whoa I am moving up on topbabyblogs....thanks for the votes ;)


  1. I adore how y'all came up with his name! I think that is very special! Can't wait to see the others' posts!!!

  2. Adorable pics! I'm in love with the plaid jacket!