Monday, January 10

Weekend re-cap

It's always hard for me to blog on fridays, so I apologize for not getting something out. I guess it's because by the time I get to friday I am so close to the weekend and we are busy busy busy getting ready to get everything crammed into two days with Daddy.  Unfortunately Daddy had to work on Saturday so it was "just another day" for us.  We did all venture out to my Alumni game at GHS which was pretty cool.  I got to see some old teammates and friends. Since I had the crew in tow and I was solo I did not participate in the game but it was still fun to see everyone. Cameron ran over a mile! He ran four times around the track and then he was the assistant to the linesman which had him running up and down the field with the flag.  Of course he LOVED IT, and not really to my surprise he was not worn out after the game.  Somehow that kid is full of an endless amount of energy and has had me on my toes since the day he was born.

Sunday was sort of a bust. It snowed a bit during church so Ryan and I did not get to clean out the garage. Bad for me lucky for him! I did however manage to organize ALL of my ribbon which was a major job for me. This week is starting to look pretty full, today we are headed to run some errands then karate and church for a meeting. The rest of the week is pretty much the same which is just how we like it around here. Cheers to a blessed week!

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