Thursday, January 6

Finished closet....almost and cute kids (of course)

I finished the "junk" closet and I just want to take out the bottom shelf and put my plastic ribbon drawer in the bottom, of course that means I have to organize my plastic ribbon drawers. I plan on starting that project next week. I ended up not only organizing and labeling my junk closet but also my laundry room closet and the cabinets under our bathroom sink, which btw serve as our only master bath storage.
nice and neat!

I want to take out that bottom shelf for my ribbon

I got a tad "label maker" happy

It has been so nice to walk in the bathroom and know where everything is

What a relief

laundry closet/ medicine cabinet

the bag at the bottom holds all of our "bags"

This weekend (sunday) we I am going to clean out the right side of the garage.  The right side of our garage is sort of like the "junk" closet but on a much bigger scale! My friend Pam sent me this artical about a zero waste home and it really has me thinking about what we really need in our house. (Pam is an amazing photographer btw!) I don't think I could ever get down to the BARE necessities but I will be thinking about it next time I go to but something or throw something out.  Now on to "kids" stuff.....

So every night our kids say their prayers in their rooms it is the stinkin' cutest thing ever.  Last night Ryan made it home just in time for bedtime prayers with C. B got down on his knees by C's bed and folded his hands to pray with the boys.  I ran to get the camera and of course they both had to be looking at me instead of continuing to pray. How sweet is this though!!!

I love how C hooks his arms around Ryan every time they pray

R just couldn't stay awake for Daddy, so I snapped this picture.  But when Ryan went in to check on her later before he went to bed she woke up and said "Daddy I want to say my prayers with you" so of course they did.

Here is R saying the "Our Father" I may have posted it before but its worth another look ;)

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  1. Wow look at you all organized! Want to come do mine? :) So cute to see the kids praying with Dad...