Wednesday, January 5

Closet re-design "before" pictures

I have been dreading re-re-re-re designing my "junk" closet for months now.  It's the kind of closet where everything goes that doesn't have a place and it ends up being such a mess, and then you get to the point where every time you open it you throw whatever in there just so you can close it FAST!  The worst part is I just got started, pulled everything out and then realized that I had to take C to karate.  So, I had to put everything BACK in the closet and now I think it looks worse than the before photos. So I am still not done but I am going to post the before and during pictures so it will hopefully motivate me to get the after pics up.  Feel free to make fun of my junk, it might motivate me and I promise I can take it!

Yes that is a PUMKIN! No it is not real, and the cup has batteries not liquid, its messy but NOT unsanitary!

As you can see I tried before with the cute baskets, however now they are full of JUNK

What is this??? A box full of cables....oh and I SOOOOO should have put the time out pad in my top favorites because we LOVE IT!

Here is the "during" it always gets worse before it gets better right???

This is what it looks like now because I had to throw everything back in to rush C to Karate.

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  1. I was busy doing the same in our bathroom.. still not finished= will do that today :)