Monday, January 10

Top Two Tuesday - Strange Addictions

She know's 
They all want her to go
But that's O.K. man
She don't like them anyway
(This song is probably about something illeagal/immoral WOW I never listened to it really!)

Today's Top Two Tuesday "Strange Addictions" has me blasting Jane's Addiction as I am writing. It takes me back to my "younger years" these days it's Christian radio and praise and worship music. But is sure is fun to play some old songs and think about those good 'ol times.

Back to the topic.  
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Angry Birds.....oh man those Angry Birds. I had every level beat at three stars and was ranked pretty high UNTIL.....I did the update and LOST EVERY THING!!!! How frustrating is that??? I started over but it's not the same. I play it while waiting for things....laundry, kids, meetings, ryan's show to be over ect....


 I am not sure if this is "strange" but after 2 years of having the house on the market I have become obsessed with organizing and cleaning. It seems pretty lame and a bit obnoxious but it is who I have become.  Everything has its place and with three small kids and a husband it is almost with all of the Angry Birds I have to play there is NO TIME!!!! I think I like the challenge, everyday I do a walk through and make a mental note of what needs to be done.  My walkthrough starts in R's room, I get her cup, make her bed open the blinds and pick out her clothes, making sure to pick up anything on my path. I do the same in the boys room, then the kids bathroom.  I assess the laundry and I might start a load before we leave for the day if I have time.  I feed the kids breakfast and clean the kitchen while im in there.  Then I get them dressed and let them watch a show while I get ready and tidy up our room.  I get the kids in the car and do one last living room/playroom walk through and pick up the diapers on the way out. But that's not an addiction right....more like obsessive but close enough!


  1. hahha you crack me up! organizing and cleaning is SO addicting!

  2. my hubby has the birds game and is addicted too!!!! stopping over here from the undomestic momma blog

  3. Organizing and cleaning is SOOO addicting! And, unfortunately, I live in the year 2008, and don't have an IPhone, but my husband does and is addicted to this angry birds game too.

  4. I love to clean and organize. Angry birds? I haven't heard of this game. Will have to check it out!