Wednesday, January 12

One track mind and I found an old video of my little girl

Well we have a showing today....I should be cleaning but I will in a bit.

I just decided today that I have a one track mind.  I started a blog post about something that is very close to me and now I am working on something to go with will make more sense tomorrow when you see it. My point is I can't start a blog post and then start another one until the first one is complete.....does that make sense? I am a multi-tasker by trade but in my "organized brain" (ha) I must finish a task before starting a new one. So there is my post for today, I assure you tomorrows will be so much better!

For today, I will leave you with an old cute video I found of R her squats are amazing!


  1. Wow you're right she held that squat for a long time. I can't bend over that far without falling LOL!!!!

  2. Yeah, there is no way I could even try that!