Wednesday, January 12


No not "got to go" I am talking about my "go to girl"...... she moved 840 miles away. This is my post about her and our past few years together. I appologize if this is not well written I am not not known for my eloquent choice of words or "flow" that's for sure!

From the beginning Allison and I were destined to be friends. I first met her when she had two boys P was 15 months and L was 3 months. I was working in the child center at lifetime fitness, I had an 18mo old C and was expecting R in June.  We had to call Allison down to change her boys dirty diapers three times in the span of 30 minutes and every time she laughed.....I knew I liked her in those moments, those moments of motherhood where you can be mad or laugh, Allison always laughs.  We have been friends in for 3.5 years, I know thats not hardly any time but it will be a lifetime one day.

When I first met Allison's husband I was relieved because I knew Jay and Ryan would get along, which meant Allison and I could remain friends!  Jay and Ryan feed off each other and I swear they spend their time together thinking of ways to get a "funny reaction" out of us girls.

Allison is the kind of friend who is always willing to go on an adventure, we have been to so many places together, places where no mom of two or perhaps three children should go alone. I think for us it's always a welcomed challenge to go places and see the looks and break the stereotypes of two moms with six kids between them in tow!  She is constantly saying exactly what I am thinking, and I love that about her! Allison is such a spiritual person and even though we are not of the same faith we understand each other spiritually and respect it without question.

When Allison and Jay told us they were moving I was so mixed with emotions. Of course I was sad for me but this was not a time to make it about me, I knew this move was going to be emotional and difficulf so I had to support my friend.  I focused on how happy I was for her and her families new beginning.  I made every conversation about the good parts of moving simply because I knew that is what she would do for me. So many times Allison has been there for me and here was a chance to be there for her.

We have been in the trenches of motherhood together, we planned our third child together, gone on a trip together hugged each others kids and loved them like they were our own.  Allison is my dear friend and I know we will always be friends, who knows maybe Ryan's career will take us to Alpharetta one day (wishful thinking!)  I am so excited to show you guys (and her) this little video I whipped up yesterday.  Enjoy, I hope all of you are as lucky to have a friend like Allison.

Scroll way down, it was being weird!

As I was making this video I quickly realized that it is all about our kids.....but then again of course it is :)

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