Friday, January 14


I can see how people get to my blog, I think it's kind of cool mostly because I can see how people get here by google searches.  Lately I have had a high amount of people searching for CRHP by various questions like "CRHP washing of the feet" "what to expect at CRHP" "CRHP changed my life" ect. So again without giving too much information, CRHP changed my life. It "aged" me in a good way. Sometimes I can be a tad immature in my comments, jokes and even parenting, BUT not my faith. I am considered "wise beyond my years" which to me makes me proud. Sometimes I look at my life as "before CRHP" and "after CRHP"

Before CRHP
I let my emotions come before my God
I didn't care about what "He would do"
I, I, I, made it all about me, me, me!
I didn't care if I surrounded myself with faithfilled people, places or things (especially music)
I had no intention of EVER doing a Bible study
While I went to church every sunday....that was about it, I left it there
I taught my kids about their faith, but I didn't show them by example

After CRHP
I put God first in every thing
I only try and think about what he would do
I know it's about my relationship with GOD
I surround myself with faith filled people, places and things (especially music)
I started going to a Bible study
I still go to church every Sunday and I make a conscience effort to bring it home
I don't always do a good job at leading by example but boy do I try
I have the most amazing group of sisters that I cry with, laugh with and care about like family
I realize I am not perfect but His grace is enough and I am enough in God's eyes
The list goes on and on.....

I am so proud of who I am becoming and it all began with a "little" retreat called CRHP.  So, if you stumbled upon here thinking about going I encourage you to take a chance, and give yourself the weekend that opens up so many possibilities. It might not GODsmack you like me at first but you will take away so many life lessons and grow in a deeper relationship with God and really isn't THAT what life is all about?

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