Sunday, January 16

One area where I fail as a parent

I don't stand up for my kids like I should. 

Time and time again I have seen my kids get bullied by other kids or even parents and I don't say anything. Why???? I have no idea.  I have had C get treated bad by another parent at the zoo and I should have said something but I didn't, I have had R get treated rudely by another parent at a party and I just left the party instead of saying anything, and as recent as this weekend I stood by and watched as a kid pushed B and pulled his hair and then pushed R.  These are all recent....I have done this countless of times.  In the moment I am trying not to create a scene I guess, but after I feel awful for not standing up for my kid.  I am their only advocate sometimes and I fail miserably! I feel like I am always the first person to admit when my kid does wrong.  I try to do everything I can to fix the situation and discipline or teach my child however I see fit at the time.  Just Saturday someone at a birthday party was upset and before I could turn around I was blaming C.....he didn't do it to my surprise.  Now I am not perfect I am sure there have been times where my kid messed up and I missed it but if it's brought to my attention I am right on it immediately. Who know's, maybe by avoiding conflict I am teaching my children a life lesson only time will tell.  I just feel in my heart I fail at this part of parenthood.  What do you do when it comes to these situations? How can I handle it better?


  1. I think you just need a little practice at telling other parents to chill out. ;) C was an angel at the party! Even when he gets a little wired up he is still a sweet, caring, and loving kid! Never mean spirited or harsh with others. Not at all a brat or obnoxious. You're a great mom! Don't be harsh with yourself and if others are being harsh with you, come sit next to me :)

  2. Thank Allison! BTW none of that stuff happened at your party!

  3. I think it's kind of a no win situation when other kids are involved. I think if other parents do their job as a parent you wouldn't have to step in. I know (and I'm sure you do the same) when it's my kid doing something mean to another kid I step in to stop them. But I'm with you, I don't like to cause a scene and getting into it with a parent in front of my kids probably isn't the best either. We all do the best we can and we figure things out as we go along. Don't get down on yourself! Being a mom is hard work!