Tuesday, January 18

Top Two Tuesday - Outfits for Spring!

Well we all know that I am definitely NOT one to consult on spring fashion for Women......I do however know lots about kids fashion.  I love nothing more than dressing up my kids in cute outfits, they are my only accessory so I take pride in what they are wearing.  Me on the other hand, well I have one pair of jeans and a few skirts and pants that I rotate through on a weekly basis but mostly I sport the, "I just went to the gym look" (or really I just did Zumba at home!) So when Taylor posted this weeks Top Tuesday I naturally went to kids fashion.

1. The boys.  WOW boys clothes have come SUCH a long way since I had C 5 1/2 years ago! I used to be on a constant search for cute boys clothes and I really only had luck at Old Navy, because all the other places looked too "babyish" for my taste.  I love my boys to look like "little men" I think we have Children's Place to thank for the initial burst of boys fashion.   Gymboree has been a big hit for me lately in both boys and girls clothes....I also love their less expensive but equally as cute Crazy8 store!

I love this Gymboree look for C.  Gymboree has come a very long way and they are usually my first stop
I love this bright jacket from Gymboree! It serves two purposes
 1. It's super cute  2. I can find my kid pretty easily at a park with this on

2. The Girl - Now my little R LOVES FASHION!!! When I found out I was having a girl it scared me a bit because I HATED wearing dresses as a kid and couldn't have cared less about fashion.  However with my child I embraced the idea of being able to dress her up.  It rubbed off because she loves clothes and can but an outfit together better than me.  I took her to the Gymboree website and she picked these three gems!

What a fun dress I love CORAL!!!

Oh denim dress, I hated you as a kid......but you were never this cute!

Gotta love the accessories R LOVES the shoes and the purse, but she asked if I would make her bow! 

Thanks Taylor for another fun T cubed

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