Wednesday, January 19

Daddy kid time, and B's BIG move!

Ryan had THREE DAYS OFF IN A ROW last weekend!!!!! That hasn't happened since he took a week off for my surgery in October.  I don't really think that counts since he had to "work" the whole time playing Mom and taking care of me.  So, Saturday night Ryan took C to a hockey game and they had a blast! Ryan said C was perfect and was so attentive to what was going on.  I think its probably the first time that they have hung out together where Ryan didn't feel like it was a chore to take C.  Not that he doesn't enjoy spending time with him it is just C has always been a very active child and he can wear you out with his endless amount of energy. Sunday I took the privilege of hanging with my was having massive diaper issues, really it was horrible, while Ryan took R to Church and to the Amon Carter Art Museum. They came home with lots of stories and Ryan was so impressed with how interested R was at all of the art.  He said she kept wanting to look at the same one over and over and when they finished with their "art scavenger hunt" the operator of the museum gave them a big postcard of her favorite piece of art.  In the pictures (taken with Ryan's IPhone) you can see R with her hands behind her back like a true examiner of art. 

C's hair is growing out awful after the "incident"

While I was at home with a sort of sick B I decided it was time to convert his crib to a toddler bed.  Side note, don't try to switch to cloth diapers when your kid has the runs diarrhea it is not pretty.  OK back to the bed switch.  

SUNDAY NAP: PERFECT! In retrospect I don't think he realized he could get out but hey I thought it was success.

SUNDAY BED: Well, if nap was perfect bedtime was the opposite.  The major difference was C and his horrible bedtime behavior (more on that another night). C was a nightmare and it was keeping B from sleeping so he kept opening the door and coming out. after 2 1/2 hours of taking him back to bed we turned it around to face the wall like this :

The morning after the "desperation move" at 10:30

Probably illegal hopefully just frowned upon

Monday Nap: Laid him down and he went straight to nap, without even crying, which he had been doing for about a month.

TUESDAY BED : Laid him down by himself and put C to bed later again PERFECT! 

WEDNESDAY NAP AND BED: Just perfect! I am thrilled!

This kid is the sweetest

He loves to say his prayers.

All in all it was pretty easy. I would have to say that since the boys are sharing a room it has been a bit tricky but now we have a routine that involve slightly different bedtimes so they can't feed off each other. We are "crib less" for the first time in 5 1/2 years, kind of bitter sweat. 


  1. Hands behind the back pose is definitely the most important (and adorable) part of art critique!

  2. awwww all of your pictures are soo sweet especially the art one and the prayers one.

    Did someone cut their own hair? hehehe

  3. Thanks Megan!

    Oh boy can you tell about the hair, I think its finally long enough to justify another 20 bucks for a kids haircut. The kid cut his hair a WEEK after his last haircut, and of course he cut it all the way down to the scalp!