Thursday, January 20

A first for me.....

I planned our meals for the week, and have successfully followed through so far!

Before I get into that I have to say:
 I used to LOVE cottage cheese until I found my first "old sippy" of milk.  I can't eat it ever again :(

Ah yes back to food, if I didn't ruin your appitite already.....

Menu Monday.....On Thursday

Monday - Alfredo Lasagna
Tuesday - Chili
Wednesday - Leftovers! (lasagna, chili, or pizza)
Thursday - Chicken Casserole
Friday - Kids "stuff"

Here is a pic of monday's dinner pre-cooked, I didn't take pic's of the rest of the meals

Monday was a hit! Next time I am going to use chicken and spinach instead of sausage but it was still good.  Now I was really excited about Tuesday's meal for myself because I love Chili, but I didn't have high hopes for my kids.  They   C is so picky about what he eats and it is rubbing off on the other two.  But, to my surprise, it was a HUGE hit with the whole family! I love how life does the opposite of what you think or expect.  Wednesday was great because I let the kids each pick what they wanted and I heated it up for them.  I usually wouldn't have done that because I won't cook three different things but re-heating three things is no big deal, and again to my surprise they picked the same thing! Mommy FTW! Tonight should be a piece of cake, and Friday night is going to be awesomesause because I will only be cooking for the kiddos.  Ryan will be home just in time for me to head to a monthly CRHP gathering of fellowship with sisters.

I got B's haircut today by the most amazing person.....more on that with before and after pic's tomorrow!


  1. Got a nice Chicken Alfredo and paste recipe for you using the same brand of Alfredo if you want it.

  2. sounds yummy I will take it, and all your recipies! Ryan gets better meals at your house than at mine!