Friday, January 21

B got his haircut

Let me start by saying his last haircut was awful.

He screamed and cried and the mean old lady told me, "don't think I can finish." This was after she made the first buzz through the side of his head! I have had her before and can't believe I allowed her to cut his hair again because I ended up having to wrap up my child in a bear hug so she could finish the choppy and uneven haircut that wasn't worth 5 dollars much less 20.

Fast forward five months to today's haircut.

This kid needs a hair cut

But of course he is still stinking cute!

pre hair cut

I had major anxiety about this after last time and of course when we pull into the parking lot (same company different location) B started screaming already. We had already put this off for over two months so there was no turning back.  We walked in and I explained to the lady what happened last time and she immediatly knew who I was talking about and agreed that she isn't the best.  She assured me that this time would be better.  One minute into the haircut I believed her. Mary, let B hold the clippers and touch them, he got used to them and was fine with her using them on him (wow what a concept!) He sat in my lap like a perfect angel and did great! Mary cut B's hair and blended it perfectly, what a relief!

best pic I could get post haircut 

You can see my sick little one curled up on the couch

Every once in a while I get a glimpse of my kiddos when they were little babies and it warms my heart

My little C still has a baby face

R watching TV and simultaneously running a fever

B and his after bath toes remind me of newborn feet


  1. With his new haircut, B is definitely C's mini-me! When you have a second, could you please private message me the name of the place you went?

  2. Ohmyword, I swear it was at least 2 years of screaming haircuts for Brady!! It was awful. I'm not embarrassed anymore because he doesn't give me reason to be! He looks so cute! (all your kids are cute!)

  3. i love the cute! glad it went better this time