Monday, January 3

Top Two Tuesday - Favorite items of 2010

Taylor at has done it again with another awesome top two tuesday! I have so many I am going to keep it to stuff that I love for the kiddos, and maybe one of my own at the bottom.  It's hard to keep it at two!

1. My Abiie Stroller.  I got it off Zulily and it has been a lifesaver.  The seat folds out and it converts to a sturdy, safe and clean changing station. One day I will upgrade to this bad boy the  most awesome stroller I have EVER SEEN!  But for now my Abiie Stroller gets the job done.

2.  These sippy cups:

I only have three of these because they are a little expensive (15.00 or so a piece X's 3!) but I love them so much! Why am I putting something so simple as a favorite? Well when you use sippy cups everyday all day like I do then it is important to have a sippy that is functional and safe. These sippy's do not leak whatsoever and they are so easy to clean.  They also convert to a regular straw cup for an older child.  The rubber comes off to make for easy cleaning as well and not to mention they are stinkin' cute.

A close third is this CAR SEAT, I love the safety of it and we have the red ones and I adore the look.

I have to mention my favorite thing I purchased for myself this year

Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen! My friend Amy is the most amazing designer, she is so creative and captured just what I wanted and I used words like "thing," "you know" and "dangle." I wear this everyday and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! She has a shop HERE and if you want something personal like this I can get you her contact info.


  1. I love your picks! Sounds like I need to get one of those sippy cups! Your necklace is so cute! love it!

  2. Love the sippys! Great suggestion! There really should be a site that you can see these thing in action and how many parts inside you'll have to clean. Thanks for including the sites!